Bereavement in North East Essex (NEE)

Grief is an ordinary response to loss and is something that most people will experience in their lives. It is a uniquely personal and often complex experience.

It can be very painful and may give rise to thoughts and feelings you don’t anticipate, and we recognise that people need different types of support depending on how they’re coping.

Our website is here to provide practical insights, resources and signposting. You can find support based on whether you looking for support for an adult or child; whether your preference is group or one to one support; and by cause of death of your loved one.

You will also find support for anticipatory grief which is feelings of grief or loss that are felt before a loved one dies; as well as support for funerals, including funeral directors who can support and organisations who support with funeral poverty and can help you plan your funeral if you are living with a life limiting illness.

Whether you’re grieving the death of a child, baby or adult, and regardless of how they died, whether expected or unexpected death, there is support available to you locally.

Support may be provided in the form of one to one counselling, group support, online support, or through workshops.

The local and national support available to you can be found below. Select how you have been bereaved or the type of support you would prefer, and the organisations able to support you will be listed.