Unexpected Death of an Adult

Here are organisations, resources and information to help support you following the unexpected death of a loved one, including through accidental death, murder or manslaughter, and sudden or traumatic death, as well as from alcoholism or addiction. For information relating to death by suicide, click here 

St Helena bereavement support

We offer bereavement support to all those who have been bereaved in north and mid Essex, regardless of the cause of death or when or where the individual has died. 

Our bereavement support includes one-to-one counselling and support, based on an assessment of your needs. We have an experienced team of specialist bereavement volunteers and counsellors able to provide this support. At present, one to one support is provided face to face or via telephone.

We offer bereavement support groups designed to provide support, information and coping strategies for people who are adjusting to living with grief. We also offer therapeutic counsellor-led groups for support after bereavement by suicide, stillbirth and neo-natal death, or the death of a child. Our groups are welcoming and run by experienced staff and volunteers.

Phone: 01206 984 274

Age Well East

We advise and provide practical information, connecting communities to tackle loneliness and encourage mental and physical wellness. We offer support to people in later years experiencing emotional challenges, such as caring for someone at the end of their life or living through bereavement, and we support people and their carers through a dementia diagnosis. 

We run local groups and activities across NE Essex, to help people connect with others. We offer expert advice about bereavement and loss, online and in-person support groups for those also experiencing loss. We also run social groups for people to meet like mind individuals and form new friendships. 

The one-to-one service is bereavement support but is not a counselling service. A volunteer will be matched with a client to provide a listening ear to talk about the persons grief. Very often, a conversation normalising the client’s grief is part of the call and supporting people in their bereavement.

Phone: 0300 373 3333


Providing community and selfcare activities for all affected by a loved one’s alcoholism or addiction

Blossome offers private facebook group, self care activities and resources.

Support After Murder and Manslaughter

SAMM provides a wide range of peer support services to people bereaved by murder and manslaughter. There is no time limit on becoming a member. Our services are open to everyone regardless of how long ago they were bereaved. We support close relatives, family members., friends etc.

Our unique support services have been designed by the bereaved for the bereaved. All volunteers receive bespoke training and have been bereaved through homicide themselves. They have a unique understanding of what it’s like to be traumatically bereaved.

We offer a bespoke combination of peer support, workshops and complementary therapies over 3 days. Designed for the bereaved by the bereaved, it takes place in the calm and serene setting of a beautiful retreat centre. It facilitates a bereaved person’s recovery journey at a pace that is right for them.

Our trained peer support volunteers provide one-to-one peer support by phone, they have a unique understanding of what it’s like to be traumatically bereaved. The support is completely confidential.  The support we offer comes with flexibility and is offered at a time that’s right for you. 

The Pop-up Cafes give people a chance to talk to others with similar challenges.  We understand the importance of bringing people together with similar influences to help with their grief journey. The groups take place in the evening and we have separate groups for men and women.

Phone: 0121 472 2912  Mobile: 07342 888570

Email: [email protected]

Cruse Bereavement Support

We are the UK’s leading bereavement charity that helps people through one of the most painful times in life – with bereavement support, information and campaigning.

Phone: 08088081677