Here are local and national resources and organisations here to support you when grieving the death of a loved one from suicide.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

We are the only UK-based organisation offering peer-led support to adults impacted by suicide loss. We help individuals support each other, at the time of their loss and in the months and years that follow. We aim to provide safe, confidential environments where people can share their experiences and feelings, giving and gaining support from each other.

Our groups are run by volunteers, many of who have lived experience of bereavement by suicide personally. We have over seventy groups meeting across the country [SE1] and every one of them is unique because they grow and develop according to the needs and aspirations of those who use them.

Phone: 0300 111 5065

Email: [email protected]

Facing the Future

Facing the Future support groups give our participants the opportunity to meet others (on Zoom) who have lost someone to suicide, and to share their experiences and feelings. Each support group is run by two specially-trained volunteers with previous experience in their parent organisation. The emphasis is on peer-to-peer support by the participants; the facilitators do not set an agenda, do not offer advice and do not provide counselling.

The closed online groups meet at the same time each week over six consecutive weeks (with different groups starting on different days of the week/different times of the day), and each session lasts for 90 minutes. There are around eight participants in each group and sessions are free of charge. Register to attend at the website.

Victim Support Suffolk and North East Essex Bereaved by Suicide Service

The Bereaved by Suicide Service in Suffolk* and North East Essex operates across the county, delivering support to those who have been bereaved or affected by suicide.  Our support is tailored to you. We can help in a variety of ways. This includes informing you of your rights and the next steps. This may be assisting with the funeral or the inquest, or at work/study. 

We can help by listening to you, and validating your feelings. We also help you to reflect and explore ways to cope after a traumatic incident. And we can connect you with other services who may be able to support you, for example counselling.  We provide support to adults as well as children from the age of 4 upwards.  The service is free and confidential and is here for you when you need it.

Phone: 01473 322683

Email: [email protected]

St Helena bereavement support

We offer bereavement support to all those who have been bereaved in north and mid Essex, regardless of the cause of death or when or where the individual has died. 

Our bereavement support includes one-to-one counselling and support, based on an assessment of your needs. We have an experienced team of specialist bereavement volunteers and counsellors able to provide this support. At present, one to one support is provided face to face or via telephone.

We offer bereavement support groups designed to provide support, information and coping strategies for people who are adjusting to living with grief. We also offer therapeutic counsellor-led groups for support after bereavement by suicide, stillbirth and neo-natal death, or the death of a child. Our groups are welcoming and run by experienced staff and volunteers.

Phone: 01206 984 274